Henderson flier - sit Rhamondre or Gus?

Seems like he’s in for a big game against Green Bay… My other backs worth sitting are Rhamondre v WAS and Gus Edwards v Seattle. Who would I sit if anyone?

If Stafford plays, does that help Henderson with more offensive snaps? Or hurt him with less focus on the run game.

My Metro is pretty 50 50 so not sure if I’d want the floor or ceiling. I feel like Gus Edwards is due for a let down and Rhamondre does nothing but let me down… Really torn here. The rankings seem to say sit Henderson but this feels like the only week to start him.

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You don’t sit Gus, period. His upside is too high.

Henderson and Rhamondre are an even swap to me. Literally, flip a coin. there is no objective measure to pick between them at this point. If I have to choose one based on talent alone, then it’s Rhamondre. Neither of them has a great situation.