Newbie Question on Who Should I start? v. Start/Sit assistant

Hey all,

I am new to FantasyPros and over the last couple weeks have noticed that I sometimes get conflicting recommendations from the “Who Should I start?” individual player comparison tool and the Start/Sit assistant that views the entire team. I am just trying to understand what causes this, if one or the other should be given more weight, or if I should just ignore both?

Thanks y’all

In general, you should ignore all Start/Sit advice from any source and start the players you want to start. That way, the shame or the glory is all yours, and you won’t go through the rest of your life thinking that Axe Elf really owns half of your Championship trophy.

By definition you have a tool and an assistant giving their opinions in trying to help you make a decision. Getting different views is a good thing.

There is no link to give you “The Absolutely Guaranteed Best Players at Each Position.” :sunglasses:

I understand that the tool and assistant both give opinions and I set my own lineups, I am just trying to understand, since both tools are based on the ECR, why or how are they reaching different outcomes?

The Expert Consensus rank like Average Draft Position differs from day to day and site to site depending on the who and how many experts voted that day or on that vote.

The only time all agree is when there is a day off in the voting. :slight_smile:

But if ECR is used for both the start/sit assistant and the who should i start tool on Fantasy Pros, unless there are separate ECR’s for the two programs, they should theoretically display the same recommendation based on the same ECR’s?

Sorry, I’m probably over thinking things. Just trying to figure out what goes in to what.

I believe they come out on different days. I have who I should start early and then change start/sit 5 times before the game. lol

Bottom line is you are getting info from those who have more than yourself.

So I actually emailed support about it, they were helpful. It turns out that the who should I start? tool is a general recommendation based for either standard or PPR based on ECR, but the start/sit assistant takes your particular league’s rules in to account.

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