Tiers - where are they?

Looking for the expert recommended tiers for all positions. Where can I find them?

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Nowhere, because “tiers” are an imaginary concept and have no relevance to fantasy football.

Welcome aboard! Sorry you had to be greeted by our lawn gnome. He tends to bite.

Seriously, the rankings pages in Fantasy Pros have tiers:

You can sort them by different positions, scoring types, etc. Have fun!


And then when you’re done having fun, come back to Axe Elf for serious fantasy football advice.

Tiers are everywhere from here to Yahoo, PFF, CBS, ESPN, and countless millions setting their draft boards. They are an evaluator’s view on where there is a noticeable break in the level of talent between players.

Please excuse or ignore Elf. He sometimes drifts off to his own fantasy in thinking he is an Elven Lord ruling fantasy football. :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly what I said–they are an imaginary concept that has no relevance to fantasy football.

Yeah, ignore Elf, but listen to me when I say the same thing!

lol You people are a caution…

Taking things out of context is for kids. You left out the best part “M’Lord.” lol

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THANK YOU - I now have all the tiers I want!

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