Fantasy Training Camp Watch List

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There is a whole lotta fantasy talent who can move up or down in this coming comp, more than I remember in past seasons. This and injuries will make a big difference in our coming drafts. I am closely watching:

K Toney- KC #1 WR?

Richardson- Indy starting QB?

M. Brown- Will Murray be back soon to jump his value?

B Hall- Lingering injury concerns are rising.

Javonte Williams- Lingering injury concerns are dropping.

And so many more. Stay tuned

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Add Hopkins going to the Titans. Will it hurt or help Burks?
Could Henry be moving on?

Pats are now #1 to sign Cook. Stevenson’s rank would take a big drop.

Hall is placed on PUP. This does not yet affect games. If extended he would miss the first four. It is not a good sign.