Ekeler or Lamb Full PPR

Ten team ppr league. Which would you choose? Ekeler in the fourth or Lamb in the eleventh?

Seriously? I’d be hard pressed to take Ekeler and his career-high 3 rushing TDs in a season in the 4th round if he was still on the board at that point.

Lamb in the 11th is highway robbery.


Second AxeElf’s comment. Lamb is just too cheap there.

In that scenario, I’d also go with Lamb. An 11th round pick for a WR1 in the making is indeed fantastic value for money.

But “not taking Ekeler in the 4th even if he was still on the board”? Wow.

I have him down for 1.9 rushing TDs. And for 700 rushing yards. He still registers as RB6 in my full PPR rankings.

Why would you project him for something that you absolutely, positively know that he will NOT achieve? Just say 2 rushing TDs, so you have a puncher’s chance of being right.

But yeah, I’d probly rather have Mike Davis.

Because I use math, rather than rolling dice?

Got any open spots in any of your leagues? :sweat_smile:

19 rushing td’s for Ekeler? That’s a bit too rich, even for my tastes.

He said one-point-nine, which is ironically even less possible than nineteen.

And math tells you that a RB can score one-point-nine rushing TDs?

Absolutely. I draft a Yahoo best ball team at least once per day, and I’ll probly get in four or five more managed leagues as well. I just opened this one recently, if you’re serious…

Sorry, I missed the “point”. Ok, so give him 2 td’s rounded up. That still isn’t enough to make Ekeler interesting.

I am, but got my cash leagues sorted out for the season already.

Anyway, don’t need to play in the same league to find out whether Ekeler or Davis will finish higher in full PPR formats.

No, but you were the one who axed.