Dynasty TE Trade

My main dynasty league isn’t known to be trade happy. I needed to reduce my combination of keepers and picks by 1, in order not to have to cut a player I wanted to keep. Sent out several trade offers, some even including my 2022 1.01. All got rejected or ignored.

Now I finally got one trade through, and I am quite excited about it, even though it involves trading away one of my favorite young players.

12 team SFLEX league, half-PPR, no premium for TEs. 1 dedicated TE slot, 1 FLEX, 1 SFLEX.

I traded away: Pat Freiermuth, 2022 1.12
I traded for: Mark Andrews

Freiermuth was the best TE I had on that team. He was sensational as a rookie, considering most TEs need 2-3 years to establish themselves as a pass catcher. He may struggle a little in 2022, along with the entire Steelers offense. But latest in 2024, I can see him as a top 5 TE for years to come.

I still rank Mark Andrews higher. Yes, the Ravens will throw the ball less than in 2021. Maybe even a lot less. But Andrews is the #1 target in Baltimore, and the only other notable pass catcher is Rashod Bateman. The backfield doesn’t soak up a lot of targets. So even if the 2022 Ravens will be bottom 3 in terms of passing volume, I can still see Andrews finishing as a top 3 TE.

I still have the 1.01, 2.01, 2.12, 3.04 and 4.01 in this year’s draft, so I can afford losing the 1.12. Andrews is a clear upgrade on TE, and will increase my chances to defend my title in that league.

What do you think?

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In dynasty, the tendency is to stick with the young guys, because they can always get better or get in better situations.

Freiermuth is the exception.

Pittsburgh’s new QB’s, Trubisky and Pickett, are both scramblers who buy time for their WR’s to get open deep. TE’s don’t get open deep generally, which works against Freiermuth.

I expect Claypool and Diontae to feast in this offense, not Freiermuth.

Trading for Andrews might seem short term on the surface, but Andrews will only be 27 this season. TE’s can last well into their 30’s.

I like the risk/reward factor of this trade. You did well.

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Thanks, that was exactly my thinking. I don’t expect Freiermuth to do a lot worse in 2022, compared to his rookie year. But I don’t see him doing better, either. And he was TE#12 last year. That’s not exactly exciting for my TE1 slot, even though I love Freiermuth as a player.

Andrews’ age indeed doesn’t concern me at all. Statistically, TEs enjoy their prime between age 26 and 31, and he’s only just entering that window. I generally don’t plan more than 2-3 years ahead, and during that time, he should remain elite.

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