Dynasty Keeper: Chase, Hall or Henry

I have to choose between J. Chase, B. Hall or D. Henry as my keeper from last year’s roster. Who do I go with? I’m leaning towards Chase considering Henry’s age and Hall’s recovery concerns.

Update: A little more background… it’s a half PPR, salary cap (auction) draft. Last year’s decision was a true loss of sleep… I had to choose between Adams, Jefferson, Chase and Henry (I won that year, in case you wondered)!! I kept Henry and my first auction win was Chase.

Whatever week it was that Rashaad Penny got hurt, but that was the week that I dropped Walker III for WR depth (which was dumb as F)… needless to say, this decision could’ve been THAT much harder if I still had Walker III.

Please keep the thoughts coming!


Chase is the easy choice.

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PPR or Half-PPR, keep Chase; standard scoring keep Henry.

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Gimme Chase. WR’s last longer than RB’s. Chase is a player you can keep for years to come.

Hall is coming off one injury. What if this is a sign of things to come? Mind you, I’m not betting on it, but it does devalue him among these three keepers.

Henry is getting up in both years and mileage. I won’t say his production falls off a cliff, but at least a slow decline should be expected. Also, the Titans passing game is nothing special, and their offensive line isn’t doing Henry any favors.

Chase is the safe pick here.

With only one keeper, this shouldn’t be a concern at all.

You keep the ONE player who will help you most THIS year and that’s it. Next year you probly keep someone else anyway.

How much is Henry’s drop off this year, in an offense that isn’t supportive? He’ll get the volume, assuming he holds up. Too many questions on this player.

The Titans probly have the best passing game this year that they have had in a long time, so I’m not sure what you mean by that.

That said, I did say Chase was the pick in PPR and half-PPR leagues, so the argument for Henry is probably moot.

Yeah, I picked up Henry cheap this year for insurance. I’m not even counting on him to finish the year.

Also the title is dynasty keeper and anyone who plays knows a 30 year old RB does not fit.

It’s so weird that Henry is the literal picture of an ironman–he almost never gets hurt–and yet public perception would have you believe that Henry is perennially on his last legs and has no chance of making it through the next season healthy.

Some of us feast instead…