Dynasty Idea: Weighting the bench

Just tossing out an idea: What about a dynasty league where you have limited starters, but a very deep bench?

Hypothetical, 10 team PPR league, with the following starters: 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, K, and DST. But there are 11 bench spots, with 5 IR spots and a 5 player taxi squad.

The purpose is to put the weight of your roster onto the bench, but only your truly best will determine whether you win or lose.

Any thoughts?

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You are describing my main dynasty league. :grinning:

It’s a 12 team league. We have 10 starter slots:
QB / SFLEX / RB, RB / WR, WR / TE / FLEX / K / DST

Then we have 15 BENCH, 5 IR and 5 TAXI.

So you can have upto 35 players on your roster, which I’d call pretty deep for a non-IDP league. The league allows 27 keepers, and we cut non-keepers at the end of the season, to make sure all teams carry the same number of players over to the next.

I would like to establish a few minor changes over the next few seasons. But overall, I’m loving it.

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You certainly have the bench, but I’m talking about limiting the starters even further. I like the 15 bench spots idea though.

Regardless of the number of starters, I definitely like the idea of putting the weight on the bench, rather than the starting lineup. That raises the need of staying active on the waiver wire, and trading with others.

Reducing the number of starters would probably shift the league balance more towards the teams who have 2-3 stud players. In leagues with more starter slots, you can get an underdog win if one of your lesser players has a great week. In leagues with less starter spots, if your RB1 and WR1 loses against their RB1 and WR1, it’s game over.

I like deeper leagues, as they reward managers who look beyond the top 30 on each position. Everybody knows that Henry, Chubb, Kupp or Diggs are great players, and it’s a bit of a lottery whom of them you get.

But if in a 12-team league you have 3 WR slots and a FLEX, you need to know at least the top 80 WRs, and which of them might be in a position to put up a few points in a given week.

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Fair points. If you ever get any openings in that league, let me know.

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