DST query for the season

pick a defense for the season…


Of those, probably the Patriots, but I can’t imagine that streaming wouldn’t be a better option than locking into one of those teams for the season–unless you have a really large league or start 2 DSTs or something.

I am looking at schedules…Pats and Dolphins have a softer schedule relatively…Pats however have lost a lotta def pieces this off season and Dolphins have pretty much the whole unit intact from last year when they were on fire…

But its so hard to ignore a Belichick defense…

Based on last year’s results–which of course are not directly applicable to the current season.

None of the above, It takes at least 4 weeks to see who is who on D. Better off streaming with Tn or Wash in week 1,

Projected solid D’s for the year would be Buff, SF, Rams. Rams are available in many leagues due to the week 1 game with Buff.