Drop Mattison or Gainwell for Mostert?

In a 12-team .5 PPR league, I’m looking to upgrade at RB. Mine are Mixon, Kamara, Etienne, Gainwell and Mattison. I think Mostert will take over in Miami. Should I drop Gainwell or Mattison to add him? Thank you.

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Yes, you should drop Gainwell or Mattison to add Mostert.

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Thanks, AxeElf. It’s going to be Gainwell. Even if Sanders gets hurt, he would share the job with Scott. At the goal line he would even be competing with Hurts.

Welcome back!

No, you do not drop Mattison, period. He has potential.

As for dropping Gainwell, that’s fine, but for a Miami RB? That seems like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. It doesn’t look like any Miami RB will dominate that backfield.

Here are some suggestions that might be available: Jamaal Williams (DET), Khalil Herbert (CHI) and Darrel Williams (ARI). Darrel Williams might be filling in for James Conner if he can’t go this week.

Regardless, these are high potential backups. Avoid Miami.