Drop Lockett for Romeo Doubs ROS?

I have Lockett in my ppr league…its so hard to decide to start/sit him in any week regardless of matchup. I can see Romeo Doubs on waivers and I am so tempted to pick him up but have not mustered the courage to drop Lockett yet.

Any suggestions??

Lockett is your worst player?

If so, then it’s close–but Doubs should be owned and I can’t imagine you don’t have a second TE or something you could drop.

I play in a 10 team league. My WRs are K Allen, Chase, Puka, N Collins, Lockett

And we have a max limit of 5, so have to drop one if I want to pick up a WR off waivers…

Also, we only have a flex position for TE/RB/WR, so keeping TE on roster is hard.

Well, Kupp is back now, so unless you believe he will be reinjured soon, Puka’s usefulness is largely over. You might see what you could get for him in a trade before you drop him outright, though.

But yeah, probly better to have Doubs than Puka at this point.

Damn, you have a nice lineup of receivers dude if they all came through. I’ve got two of those four (Nacua; Collins). You must be hurting at RB or QB.

I would definitely roll with Doubs. His y/c are up and he’s more than doubled last year’s yards, while securing the same amount of TDs already - pacing him for double-digit TDs. Love is clearly legit and what usually happens when another elite ceiling WR comes into play is the yards actually go up for each of the projected #1 & #2 WRs, but the TDs (ea.) level off. :slightly_smiling_face:

All the while everything is down for Lockett and he’s got Njigba breathing down his back. :grimacing: