Draft wizzard and ESPN FAILED

Draft wizard kept me from seeing the other peoples picks in half the rounds. I was 3 to 4 rounds late on what was picked. It would update through the draft. I paid good money to get hosed in my draft. I should have chosen different software

Same. Now the “my play book” isnt’ working either. going to request a refund.

Don’t worry, everyone who drafted with Axe Elf this preseason feels the exact same way.

They really shouldn’t sell this stuff as fantasy football software, though; they should sell it as educational software. Then when it fails and you realize you shouldn’t have invested in it, at least you can say that you’re smarter already.

My draft wizard showed all of the QBs ranked ahead of all other positional players so I couldn’t use Suggested feature. Also, my Playbook shows Lamar Jackson as QB#31. Go figure!