Dispersal Drafts

We haven’t really discussed dispersal drafts here. For those of you unaware, a dispersal draft occurs when a dynasty league loses some owners and the new owners draft the players from the previous teams.

I have been participating in one of these, and I must admit, it’s been fun! A few things I’ve noticed:

First, after you get past the early round(s), the talent drop-off is significant. But that makes sense, because these teams were inferior. Having a few stars is nice, but it’s the rest of the roster that wins the championship, and these teams had no depth.

Second, draft picks are included in the draft I am in now. I mean the rookie draft picks for both this year and next. How many should you take? As many and as early as possible after the initial great players are gone. Make sure you have 1rst round picks in both years. Those picks are gold, especially in your rebuilding state. If you fail this year, you will need at least a 1rst round pick next year.

Third, make no mistake, you ARE rebuilding! Even if you walk away from this draft with steals across the board, you will need players for the future. You are drafting players from losing franchises. They weren’t losers because they were good!

Finally, I like the concept of dispersal drafts. It’s a fun way to transfer teams to new players. I recommend it.