Draft Strategy Help

I play in a 14 teams, standard scoring dynasty league that utilizes a standard FLEX as well. My dynasty uses contracts and salaries. Each team has a $100 salary cap and can keep as many players as they’d like, as long as they meet roster requirements and are under the cap. The draft is an auction with the bid amount becoming the players salary for three seasons. Our auction is also different. There’s a draft order and the team who’s on the clock puts a player forward for the league to bid, where we differ, is that at the end of bidding, the team that brought him up as the chance to keep him at that bid amount, or let the highest bid have him. It really makes it so the draft still matters and is a great rule.
Anyway, I have the 9th pick and a max bid of $6. Which is nothing. I was wondering if y’all would simply put a player up to waste money, or would you try and get a guy with your first pick along the lines of tier 7 WR or a Tevin Colemna. My starting lineup is as follows, so I’m really looking for depth. Thanks for reading my novel.

QB - Mahomes
RB- Chubb
WR - Calvin Ridley
WR - Aiyuk
FLEX - Myles Gaskin
TE - TJ Hockenson