Diontae Johnson Debate

We have a few polarizing players that we’re zeroing in on for debates with our analysts. Here is the first we did, Steelers WR Diontae Johnson. Feel free to check it out and continue the discussion below!

I can see Johnson as high as a WR2, below Robert Woods. However, I don’t see him with a lot of upside from there. I currently have him at WR19, between Tyler Lockett and Brandon Aiyuk, but Aiyuk has more upside potential.

The main thing holding Johnson back is Najee Harris. He will be sucking up some of the targets that might have gone to all of the receivers. Add a second-year Chase Claypool to the mix, and suddenly Johnson’s upside disappears completely. The only way for Johnson to get more upside is to become more efficient with his targets. I don’t bet on improved efficiency.