Desean Jackson: No, just no

Before anyone asks if they should add Desean Jackson, allow me to say:


This is a WR who couldn’t stick with the Rams last year, and even the Raiders didn’t want him after the season. This guy is a lottery DFS play, and nothing more.

Even worse, he got signed by the Ravens. How many great WR’s has Lamar Jackson supported over the years? That would be zero, and I’m not counting Mark Andrews. Marquise Brown had some mild success last year, but 1008 yards and 6 td’s is not the stuff of fantasy greatness. It’s a flex play, at best. Jackson hasn’t been more than a desperation flex play for a few years.

Just walk away from this people. Don’t even go there.


But how do you really feel? lol

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Would you drop Josh Gordon for him?

I don’t have Josh Gordon, so I can’t drop him for anyone. But I can honestly say that even my farthest reach wouldn’t get dropped for Jackson.