Dan Harris's Rankings

Ok, guys. Did a first rough cut of my positional redraft rankings this weekend. Yates, Tags, and I have all begun our preseason projections so these are sure to change. But for now, here they are. Feel free to tell me why I’m wrong!


Greets Dan , I think you are way too high on Ravens TE M-Andrews . I expect some fewer targets and Scoring Chances with the arrival of Top Rookie WR Bateman. I would have no complain if you switched him with the freakish TE in Atlanta: Mr.Pitts … :sunglasses:

Greetings! It’s a fair point, though man, we HAVE to be a little careful with Pitts in his rookie year. And it’s not as if Andrews has needed a huge passing attack from the Ravens to succeed before, right? I think with the addition of Bateman (and Watkins) the Ravens throw the ball a little more than they did last year (I mean, they’d pretty much have to just by natural regression), which should balance out the addition of Bateman. But realistically, it’s hard for me to put anyone else at 4!

Let’s start from the top: Using the first pick on CMC is like the old joke about second marriages: It’s the triumph of hope over experience. How many fantasy seasons got ruined last year by CMC’s 3 games? THAT is his downside.

Along that line, Saquon Barkley at #4? Just look at the last 3 seasons: 16 games, 13 games, 2 games. I’m calling it: He’s got an injury history. And that doesn’t even begin to go into all the question marks around the Giants offense.

Finally, George Kittle above Darren Waller? Aside from the 8 games played versus 16 games played, I’ll take Waller’s 9 td’s last year versus Kittle’s season best 5 the previous two years. Also, Waller gets more targets: 145 last year, versus Kittle’s season best 136 in 2018.

Haha, this seems aggressive. But I like the conviction! I will say I have zero hesitation about CMC at one or Kittle above Waller. And if anything, Saquon could be three!

Sorry Dan. You asked me to tell you why you were wrong.

Hey, @DanHarris! Thanks for sharing your early redraft rankings! I hope to have some of my own out as we draw closer to the season. I’ll share a few quick thoughts (love/hate) at each position:
Running Backs
Love that you have Joe Mixon in the top 10. I’m bullish on him as well, and I think this might finally be the big year we all have been hopeful for. The man can create yards, and with Gio gone, I see an uptick in targets, which definitely increases his value.
Hate that you have CEH so low. I understand the disappointing first season, but add a few TD’s and he springs up the ranks. If he can stay healthy, I think he gets into the endzone a handful more times and ends right around that RB1/RB2 border with the potential for solid RB1 numbers.

Wide Receivers
Love Ridley in the top 5. Too many still hating on him after he showed he can be “the guy” whether Julio is around or not. If Julio leaves? I bump him up more actually. Outside of one strange game last year, he had such great production.
Hate that you have Hilton as your highest ranked Colts WR and that he’s your WR50. Surely Michael Pittman or Parris Campbell can break out and at least hover near the top 36? My money is on Pittman, but I guess we’ll see.

Tight Ends
Love that you aren’t going insane on the Pitts hype and have him outside of your top 5. I may eat my own words because he’s so special and if Julio leaves ATL, but I’m not ready to give the rookie a nod with the top tier guys just yet.
Hate that you have Goedert ranked so high. Ertz will probably leave, but do we assume that Goedert gets the type of volume that Ertz once used to receive in his prime? Especially with Hurts at QB, I’m a little weary of the whole receiving squad in Philly.

Didn’t expect to write as much as I did, haha. And “hate” is a strong word; the better word might be “slightly disagree.” Thanks for sharing.

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