Dak Prescott or Jalen Hurts (pending CeeDee Lamb status)

PPR League

I have Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb. The Week 11 Cowboys collapse in part due to CeeDee Lamb’s concussion drove my team to defeat.

Question (1) - Should I play CeeDee Lamb on Thanksgiving if he passes the concussion protocol? I don’t see why I wouldn’t play him. If I play Lamb, then I will move Darnell Mooney from WR to FLEX. If I don’t play Lamb, then I will play Mooney at WR and Damien Harris at FLEX.

Question (2) - I plan to play Jalen Hurts and bench Dak Prescott if Lamb does not play. What do you think about this move?

Question (3) - Should I start Dak Prescott or Jalen Hurts if CeeDee Lamb plays? I lean towards starting Jalen Hurts so I don’t have too much invested in Prescott + Lamb in case Lamb cannot play the whole game (like in Week 11).

Sorry I didn’t answer you yesterday. For what it’s worth, I benched Prescott for Carr yesterday, and Dak had a slightly better day. That said, I would have told you to start Hurts.

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