Brady's retirement

Now that Tom Brady is officially retired, what is next for the Bucs? Here is some intriguing speculation:

Obviously, nobody has a clue as to how Kyle Trask will do. And this is assuming the Bucs don’t pursue a veteran QB. However, I like the idea of putting in Trask to see how he does. You already have a solid offense around him, so it isn’t like you are throwing him to the wolves. If he can succeed as an NFL QB, we’ll know it his first season.

That said, is Trask worth picking up? Honestly, who knows? We haven’t seen enough of him to really judge. At this point, he’s a lottery ticket, not all that different from most rookie QB’s you could draft in fantasy. But unlike most rookie QB prospects, the Bucs have the kind of offense to make their QB better. I wouldn’t want him to be my starter in one QB leagues, but in superflex or as a backup, he’s worth a shot next season.

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Interesting addition to this story. It’s just an idea from a columnist, but it’s a good idea: Don’t freak out, but Jameis Winston may be the Bucs’ best bet

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Yeah, I heard that rumour, too. Would make sense for both sides, so why not?

Another crazy rumour: today, all Cardinals-related content disappeared from Kyler Murray’s Instagram account. He also unfollowed the Cardinals account.

Among the few photos that remained are two from the Pro Bowl weekend, showing him with Packers coaches…

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I added that in a separate post.

Another addition to the Brady story: Tom Brady: I'm not looking to come out of retirement, but never say never - ProFootballTalk

To be honest, if I have Brady in a dynasty league, I might hold onto him, just to wait and see.

Yet still more Brady wait-and-see news: Buccaneers are caught in an awkward spot, and that could work to Tom Brady's advantage - ProFootballTalk

I would be even less likely to trade Brady in dynasty. If possible, and assuming league rules allowed it, I might even stash him on an IR list to start the season, and hold him until next year.

I would be willing to entertain a trade offer for him, but it would have to be nothing less than a high second round pick.