Big Trade Help!

Trade away

Tua, Amari Cooper, Javonte Williams and Kyren Williams.


Purdy, J Taylor, Mike Evans and Laporta.

Do the trade right? My only concern is its a huge down grade at QB. But i need RB help since I lost Kyren and my only other RB is Aaron Jones and don’t know his health. My WRs are Lamb and Waddle. My TE now is Ertz


That “huge down grade at QB” is only about 3 pts per week–so far–and most of that is because of Purdy eating a 9 point game this past week against the best defense in the NFL.

Both Purdy and Tua have 3 games over 20 points and 2 games between 13 and 17, but Tua’s 6th game was 18.9 to Purdy’s 8.7–so that is really the only tangible difference between the two.

It is definitely a good deal for you; hit ACCEPT before Kyren goes on IR.

Kyren will be back no later than week 11, by all reports. Taylor has yet to show being himself.

That said, he is a special talent and I have to make this deal.

If he goes on IR before the start of the Week 7 game, he will be required to miss weeks 7, 8, 9, 10 (bye), and 11, and would be first eligible to return in Week 12.

So far, they are trying to avoid putting him on IR.