Best QB Rankings & Tiers


1 Jalen Hurts PHI
2 Josh Allen BUF
3 Patrick Mahomes KC

To be considered an elite fantasy quarterback in 2023, not only does that player have to possess high-end passing ability, but he needs to be significant rushing upside in addition to that passing threat. Enter the true dual-threat quarterbacks listed above, as all three players ranked among the best in the league in their ability to move the ball through the air and on the ground.

Jalen Hurts leads the bunch due to his ability to add more value with his legs than almost any quarterback in the league, averaging nearly 10 rush attempts per game in 2022 (QB kneels excluded), which led to 13 rushing touchdowns. Hurts also proved that he could hold his own with the best passers in the league, earning an 80.6 passing grade (sixth) while limiting turnovers and maximizing his opportunities. With arguably the best receiving weapons in the league, there should be no concern that Hurts can keep it rolling into 2023 as a top-tier fantasy quarterback.

Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes possess all the same dual-threat ability as Hurts to make this the tightest grouping at the position, and landing either of the three as your QB1 is as good as it gets in 2023. All three players averaged over 24 fantasy points per game, posted passing grades above 80.0, threw over 22 catchable passes per game, rushed for over 350 yards and averaged over 7.5 passing yards per attempt. Every box is checked within this tier, so fantasy managers can organize them however they prefer amongst these three.


4 Lamar Jackson BLT
5 Joe Burrow CIN
6 Justin Fields CHI
7 Trevor Lawrence JAX
8 Justin Herbert LAC

Lamar Jackson kicks off this second tier, as he sits right on the fringes of being considered among the high-end passers with top-tier rushing upside. Unfortunately, Jackson’s passing has dipped enough over the past two seasons, which pushed him just outside of that top tier, as he did not cleared 20 catchable passes per game or seven yards per attempt this past season. The Baltimore Ravens may see more of a focus on passing the ball than they have in the past with Todd Monken coming in as offensive coordinator in addition to the receiving weapons that Baltimore has added this offseason in Odell Beckham Jr. and Zay Flowers. Added to his elite rushing ability, Jackson should be considered the best bet to move into that top tier in this group.

Joe Burrow’s elite passing ability and receiving weapons allow him to round out the top five. He’s the first quarterback without significant rushing upside, although it’s been there at times. Burrow added a little over 250 yards on the ground this past season, which was a career-high for him and led to five rushing touchdowns. While that number may regress slightly closer to his career average, he’s a near lock for over 4,000 yards passing and 30-plus touchdowns, assuming health.

Trevor Lawrence and Justin Herbert should push for similar passing numbers as Burrow and are strong bets to contend for the passing yards leaders in 2023, which is going to create plenty of fantasy upside. Lawrence has recently shown more of a rushing upside than Herbert, averaging more attempts per game (3.2 versus 2.2) and more yards per carry (4.8 versus 2.7), giving him the slightest edge heading into 2023.

Justin Fields led all quarterbacks in rushing attempts per game (minus QB kneels) in 2022 with 10.0 per game, which led to him posting over 1,100 yards on the ground to go along with eight rushing touchdowns. While his passing ability is still a work in progress, should Fields continue to develop in that regard while maintaining an elite rushing upside, there’s no question that he will be in consideration among the top-tier quarterbacks beyond this season.

I deleted this when I found it was premium and could not be accessed. In my view, this is very well done in mixing run and pass. I would change Herbert and Fields. The rest are all in the right tiers and the best. Who finishes on top this season is anyone’s guess.

However if you have one of the above you can play, :slight_smile:

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No one can dispute the top 3 at this point. The next 5 can be shuffled and perhaps I would drop Fields. The difference in opinions is worth respecting and disagreeing with.

After 7 or 8, you are hoping to get lucky this year.

In the entire history of the Chicago Bears, how many elite QB’s have they had? Zero. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

And that is a LONG history!

Jim McMahon is the closest they ever came to an elite QB.

So why all the failure at QB? Chicago is known as “the windy city” for a reason, and QB’s seem to have a lot of trouble with it.

If Fields were in any other city, I might say the addition of DJ Moore should put him in the elite tier. Instead, the best he has to hope for is to maintain that spot in the second tier, and THAT is his upside.

Yeah, you likely have to take out 4 games when throwing will be affected and he cannot afford that, in spite of running, to keep pace or move up in tier 2.