Best Fantasy Rookie in 2022?

Will it be the favorite in Hall or can London, Walker, Cook or a dark horse like Pierce, Skyy and others taking that title?


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Right now it’s looking like Dameon Pierce, Brian Robinson, Jr., and Romeo Doubs have the best chances of being fantasy relevant as rookies. London maybe, if he can get and stay healthy.

I drafted Hall with the 1.01 in my main dynasty league, and also in the Fantasy Playbook Tournament (not with the 1.01, obviously :sweat_smile:).

He’s a solid candidate for the rookie crown, though I keep my expectations tempered. Michael Carter won’t disappear, and will limit Hall’s upside.

My favorite is actually a dark horse: Chris Olave. London is the better WR, and probably also the better long-term option. But I don’t see a lot of TDs for him. Mariota struggled heavily to find the end zone in recent years, and red zone targets will also go to Pitts and Patterson.

Olave doesn’t have a TD guarantee, either. But the Saints will score more passing TDs than the Falcons, and unless Michael Thomas will rise like a phoenix from the ashes, Olave could harvest 8-10 of them. Which I don’t see for London.

Skyy Moore is not a candidate for the crown, I don’t see him stepping into the vacated Tyreek Hill role straight away. Dameon Pierce can be the 2nd best rookie RB this year, but I don’t think he can reach Hall’s level.

Walker carries an injury risk now, and Cook is a boom-or-bust candidate and would have to replace Singletary entirely to get enough volume. I don’t see that.

A dark horse candidate, indeed. If he can eliminate the drops and earn Rodgers’ trust, the sky is the limit for Doubs, thanks to very little competition on the team.

Haven’t really heard anything about him struggling with drops. The only time I’m aware of him not catching everything thrown at him is when it’s thrown inaccurately by Jordan Love in preseason games. In camp, he is said to be “wowing” every day.

He had a few drops in camp. But so had Chase last year, and that didn’t stop him. There still is no guarantee that Doubs becomes Rodgers’ favorite target, but the chance is certainly there.

You just reminded me, I need to update my rookie draft list! Thanks!

Hall is the huge favorite but Pierce is really coming on and will get a ton of touches in Houston.

I’m still stickin to the two guys I wanted my Dolphins to draft after the season before the value jumped in London and Cook.

I don’t think Hall will be that big of a player this year.

For best fantasy rookie I look at Pierce or London, but I am really liking George Pickens. as well.

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The only problem with Pickens is his path to WR1 numbers. Remember, the Steelers still have Johnson and Claypool.

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Don’t discount Cook in this. He has shown well and in that O “could” run wild with ris receiving,

I could see Dotson supplying it.

Reply to Zak on Doubs.

The Dotson that plays for the Commanders? How do you see him supplying competition for Packers’ WR Doubs?

As best rookie. Is that not the topic?

My mistake, this was on his team.

That is the broad topic; the post in question was a direct reply to Zakk:

Yes and corrected it when I saw the mistake.

You type faster than I do.

And thinking is light years apart. JK/LOL

Herd dat…

Yes, being a shepherd I herd many a sheep such as yourself, :slight_smile: