Bears' Passing Offense is Abysmal

I mean, yeah, we all know they are bad. But I just checked the current league rankings vs. my preseason projections.

And noticed that the Bears are bad on an entirely new level.

In recent years, the team with the worst passing offense racked up an average 168.2 passing yards per game. Lowest numbers came from the 2018 Cardinals with 157.7 passing yards per game.

The Bears are currently sitting at 127.4 passing yards per game.

That isn’t just bad. That is abysmal.

The second worst passing team in the NFL, the Saints, rack up 180.9 passing yards per game. That’s a 42% difference to the Bears.

There is at least a silver lining on the horizon, as Justin Fields’ completion rate is showing a strong upward trend. He threw for 174, 184 and 175 yards in the last 3 games. These are still not great numbers, though. And they came with a price tag of 1/3/1 INTs.

Unless Fields gets things turned around quickly, the 2021 Bears will set a new low in terms of passing. Granted, their run game isn’t terrible, they rank 5th in terms of rushing yards. But even that can’t make up for their inability to get anything going through the air. As a result, they are last in all-purpose yards.

Makes you wonder how much more time they will give Matt Nagy.


I fully expect Nagy will be done at the end of the season, unless the Bears miraculously make the playoffs.

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