Another pre-draft trade

My latest trade: I gave up Kyler Murray for Trey Lance and this year’s 3.03 pick.

Murray will be missing the start of the season, although I am not a fan. He seems to run recklessly, and then ends up getting hurt. I won’t be surprised if he misses time again at the end of this season.

As for Trey Lance, we really don’t know what the upper limit to his potential is. He had a freak injury early last season, and we never saw enough of him to judge. But Lance is another athletic QB along the lines of Anthony Richardson or Malik Willis. Could Lance be this year’s Jalen Hurts? It’s one possibility. And considering I got him plus an early 3rd round pick, it’s golden!

I prefer Murray but Lance has the talent to surprise.

My trade, as you know, was Burks and a 2024 2nd for a 2024 1st and 4th.
I did not want to trade Burks but the 2024 draft, QBs aside, has Marvin Harrison and TE Bowers who analysts are saying could have more potential than Pitts.

IF the pick brings me one of these two it is a Great deal. IF not, oh well. :slight_smile:

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