Another Done Deal

I just finished adding Jax WR Kirk for Hollywood and Brian Robinson.
I had Brown last year and he was great first half and really fell off 2nd half, along with Hopkins coming back.

If not for Hopkins I keep him or definitely do not add Robinson. Kirk is playing very well and the other plus is his playoff schedule.

Good or Bad?

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It was a pretty solid pooch-screwing.

Brown will outperform Kirk on his own, AND you gave away a starting RB to boot.

Robinson is potentially the best player in that deal. To me, Brown and Kirk are close enough to ignore the difference.


I like Robinson but as of now he is my #6 RB I cannot afford to keep. I also needed the IR spot on Swift for 2 weeks.

Kirk and Brown are close now and if no Hopkins I do not make the deal, I was turned down on 2 other offers (with Robinson) for that reason. I felt to do this now as Brown’s value is high and with Hopkins is a couple of weeks will not be.

At RB I’m holding Swift, Etienne, Akers and the handcuffs Wilson and Williams With Mitchell due back in 5 weeks. I only want to keep four but Jamaal is playing too well (6 freakin TD’s) to drop, as is Wilson to keep Robinson over them.

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I made offers for Robinson. Don’t blame me! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I made offers for Robinson. Don’t blame me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ed, do you read your offers? I have no clue as to who you may have trading with in the past but absolutely sure it was no one remotely resembling me.

Stevenson for AJ Brown a couple weeks ago was the topper. He was clearly the 2nd RB and AJ was at the top of WRs.

Send me a bit of what you’re smokin before trade offers. IF it’s THAT good I may even agree to a deal. lol

I bet you wish you had Stevenson going up against Detroit this week! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, as I’ve said elsewhere, my trade offers are initial suggestions. If you don’t like them, send me a counter offer.

Don’t expect me to offer all my estates for your pet rock on an initial offer.

You know your suggestions are a waste of time. I’m interested what are you looking for? would make much more sense.

And this is what I’m saying in my initial trade offer. Come back at me with something you like better. This is called “negotiating”.