Add/Drop query Full ppr? WHIR

I play in a full ppr league. I want to drop K Herbert and Josh Kelly. Which two players would you suggest I pick up from this list moving on for the season??


Charbonnet and LaPorta. Is Rochon also out there?

Thanks! No, Rochon is not available…Also, in our league, we do not have a dedicated TE spot on roster…we have a Flex (RB/WR/TE)…but the options are so limited for RBs…so I have to look at the TE landscape now. Having said that, LaPorta is really impressive and could have a great season.

I currently have Etienne, Walker and Mattison on my team…Kelly is terrible and Herbert may have a good game v/s Denver but I just don’t have any confidence in the Bears offense.

The Minny HC said he will bench players who fumbles, enough said. I much prefer Akers.

La Porta looks top 5 but remember Jameson.

Keep Herbert, drop Kelley for Gainwell.

Hard to believe Gainwell is still available, tbh.

Don’t drop Herbert! Grab Laporta asap!