Adams vs Kelce?

Adams vs Kelce is a choice many will face this year around the end of the first round and is a tuff one.

Kelce is 32, appeared to drop a bit last year and will get top cover with Hill gone.
He is also a HOF player who will get more targets.

Adams is 29 was great last year but has a new/old QB and also a HOF player who will get more targets.

We all know the team and need enter in but, for now just go head to head who would you take?

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It’s not even a tough choice, because we’re talking about a late first-round pick, and one player is a WR, while the other is a TE.

Game over.

I’m a Raider fan. Yes, I’m very biased in both directions of this debate.

Do you actually watch NFL football?

If he’s a Raiders’ fan, not really. :stuck_out_tongue:

He was replying to you, fool! :stuck_out_tongue:

Then his reply makes zero sense.

I was trying to give him credit for NOT being a fool.