Achane... foOtball GOD? 🤔

Yikes. Man am I feeling fortuitous after plucking him, Nacua and Collins out of FA. All before 2nd week action.

Over the last 3 weeks Achane has accumulated 518 AP yds and 5 TDs, averaging 12.3 p/c and over 151 rushing yds p/g (over 172 AP). All on only 45 touches (during that span). :exploding_head:

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Achane was clocked going 21.6 MPH on Sunday. Not to be outdone Hill hit 22 MPH and Mostert has hit over 21.

The ability to run at a speed of 20 mph (miles per hour) is exceptionally rare among humans. The vast majority of individuals cannot reach or sustain such high speeds. Running at this speed would require an extraordinary level of athletic ability, training, and genetic predisposition.

Professional sprinters, such as those who compete in the 100m and 200m sprints in track and field, can achieve speeds close to 20 mph during short bursts of maximal effort. However, even among elite athletes, only a small percentage can consistently reach and maintain this speed.

Scary Speed!

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If he maintains his averages through the last 3 weeks (and plays the remainder of the season), he’ll end up with over 2,500 AP yds & 25 AP TDs.

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Hopefully the knee injury won’t keep him out for very long.

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It will be very interesting to see how opposing D’s react to Achane and Miami running. It has hurt Waddle’s targets so far but IF teams bring up more to defend the run he and Hill can explode.

McD has done one hell of a job.

Ugh, couldn’t he have just waited one more week? :sob:


Since Achane will miss a few weeks, I think we can call him mortal. A dangerous undersized player? Certainly. But you give him 20 carries in a game, and he will break. Remember: The best ability is availability.

Barry Sanders was a god. Achane is just a small dangerous scatback running behind an offensive line that suits his abilities, and with a vey strong passing game that takes pressure off of him. Marshall Faulk Jr.?

Everyone who’s running behind that line/scheme is torching opponents. Even though Mostert is doing great too, why are their yards per carry numbers not comparable? Nine years age difference?

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Mostert doesn’t have a lot of tread left on his tires.