A Good Game for London?

London faces Pitt which has the worst pass D in the league, they are really bad.
Any good college QG can beat them. Can Atlanta?

I am starting London.

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Problem is that London is seeing no more than 5-6 targets even in good matchups.

Mariota is throwing 23 passes for 171 yards on average. A low passing volume coupled with a low completion rate and a shaky 14-8 TD-INT ratio doesn’t produce good fantasy WRs.

I don’t have much faith in London at the moment, even in good matchups. But if there is a week to start him, then it’s indeed this one.

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Aren’t they on the same team?

I am starting London in one dynasty league that is rebuilding. It is a “have to start somebody” play, and nothing more. If you have anything better, run with it.