5th pick superflex half PPR

::: bangs gavel :::

And there we have it, Jones is ranked higher than Chubb.

Case dismissed.

Dosen’t mean It was a error to draft him

Your draft was rocking up until pick 8, and then you get an old RCA dog. https://www.ronsusser.com/listings/images/13723/103010.jpg

I read your explanation on that, and I will assume you know what you’re talking about, and this is just a quirky league rules thing. Moving right along…

As for the TE’s, they are weak. But unless you have one of the top 3, or a Hail Mary like Pitts, they won’t win you a championship anyway.

Shenault was drafted too early, although he has potential. But will he just be a gadget player? I dunno.

Cousins and Meyers were steals.

Forget Alex Mattison. If Cook gets hurt, the Vikings are screwed. Don’t look for help from Mattison.

The Bucs DST is good, but I hate drafting DST’s that early.

Carter is a monster steal in the 15th round! Well-played! Lance in the 16th also!

Overall, I have to give this draft a grade of B. There are some serious head-scratchers, no doubt. But overall, much more good than bad.

When Jones was still on the board, that’s exactly what it means.


this is his fantasy point stats in this league for last year im not used to IDP this is only the sec season i have played one

Does anybody have a blue pill? I need to get out of the Matrix.

I have one that has a unicorn on it

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