4 Bold Predictions for Week 8

Here’s a few bold predictions for week 8. No copy & paste here, if you find these anywhere else, it would be purely coincidental.

Sam Perine will score better than Joe Mixon
The Bengals are in for the long run this year, and so they have Mixon on a snap count. Whenever the game script allowed, they used Perine or Evans instead of him. Evans is out, and the Bengals will destroy the Jets. They will close out the game before halftime. So there will be over 2 quarters of garbage time. Which means Perine is in for another big week, while Mixon won’t see very many carries and will be big-play dependent.

Cooper Kupp is only a low-end WR2 this week
Of course, you can still start him. But don’t expect him to carry your team this week. And by all means, do not start him in DFS. Teams just do not throw the rock against the Texans, because you simply don’t do that when you lead by 2 scores in Q2 already, against an opponent who scored 9 points or less in 4 of the last 5 games.

If you want to take a shot at true fantasy glory, start Byron Pringle over Kupp and let your league know you feel more confident that way. There is a certain risk you’ll have to switch off your phone for a few days. But there’s also a chance the others will worship you as a fantasy god from now on.

Daniel Jones will be the QB2 this week
Not a QB2. The QB2. He’ll be bested only by Patrick Mahomes, whom he happens to meet on Sunday night. The Giants-Chiefs game will be a massive shoot-out between 2 pass-heavy teams facing weak defenses. The Over/Under is at 52.0 and heavily favors the Over side. That’s all you need to know about the game (and why I suggested Byron Pringle as an alternative to Cooper Kupp above).

Jakobi Meyers will catch 2 TDs this week
Listen, I’ll just keep predicting Meyers to finally be on the receiving end of a TD until it finally happens. And then I can say “told you so!”. Because that’s just how these fantasy horoscopes work. (You knew that, right?)
And to make it a bold prediction, I’ll raise all those Jakobi TD oracles to him catching not 1, but 2 TDs this week. Or catching 1 and throwing for 1. Or somersaulting into the endzone for 1. Or suddenly having a brillant epiphany on how to achieve world peace, that leaves him so befuddled he’ll stop running the route that would let him catch the game-winning… oh, wait, sorry, I just slipped to A.J. Green’s horoscope card, sorry!

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Even bolder prediction: If the rumor of the Panthers offering CMC for Deshaun Watson is true, grab Chuba Hubbard NOW. He would be the Panthers bellcow, and with Watson there, that role becomes even more valuable.


I don’t think Chuba is still avaiable on many waiver wires. CMC is now out for 5 straight weeks. Makes you wonder how the Texans leadership evaluates the trade offer. CMC only played 5 of the last 24 games, including the one this week.

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If they evaluate CMC the same way as most of the ECR, they will be drooling over this injury-riddled mess of a player.

As for Chuba, trade for him NOW! Even if the Panthers lose to the Dolphins on this, CMC won’t stay healthy long enough for Chuba to lose too much value.