16 team slow draft in 23 rd year needs 1 manager

If interested we have been running for 23 years with. Restricted keeper list and staggered snake draft - snake draft depends on how many keepers each teams has
We are looking for replacement manger. If interested in details and roster reach out to me.

We do a slow draft on slack starting this week. Each team must keep a minimum 5 keepers and a maximum depending on their place. This open team finished 15 so must keep a minimum 5 players to a maximum 9. The 5 mandatory keepers go in rounds (5-9) and the 4 optional ones go in rounds 4,3,2,1 so the fewer you keep the earlier you draft. Also if you have an edible rookie under MLB rules you can elect to keep him in round 5.

Very stable competitive long running league

This is a good roster came 3 of 16 last year

Reach out for details RHornford@hotmail.com