10 Team PPR Superflex w/ IDP thoughts?

First time doing a salary cap draft last night. Feel pretty good about my lineup. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I haven’t played salary cap in years, and never played IDP. But that roster looks pretty good to me.

Bit confused by the scoring projections, though.


I totally missed that issue of Fantasy Football for Dummies this year, I guess.

Might keep this team in the upper half of the league with some shrewd in-season management, but a playoff run is probably out of reach.

lol Yeah, din’t look at those at first. Looks like some kind of extreme QB scoring of some sort. Heck, even the RBs are projected for 40.

So who knows? It’s kind of hard to rate a team when the scoring is so wack.

Was asked to join this league last minute. I agree that the scoring system is incredibly out of wack. Not only is it PPR but players also get 1 point per rushing attempt.

You can borrow my copy of “Fantasy Football for Dummies” apparently I read that prior to all my drafts this year. Copy is still “like new” with only a scuff mark along the binder of it. DM your address and I’ll be sure to overnight it to your cave, AxeElf. :slight_smile:

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Then any team that doesn’t have Derrick Henry on it gets an F.

Bold prediction there big guy. I, also, think that Henry will have a great season but was unwilling to spend an exorbitant amount just to get him being that it was a salary cap draft. I guess only time will tell but I will make sure to update you after this season and let you know how I made out with my “Fantasy Football for Dummies” drafting strategy.

It will be interesting to compare how your team progresses with my team in a similar system–I spent up for Taylor and Henry in such a ground-centered scoring system. I’ll copy and paste it here from the “Rubik’s Leagues” thread below, so you don’t have to go looking. Mine is a 12-team league though; yours is only 10.

I have since put Edwards on IR and added Taysom Hill at QB/TE.

Henry scored 101.3 points in Week 2 last season under this scoring system. lol

I will absolutely make sure to check in to see how our respective teams are doing throughout the season. Interesting choice in QBs for your build. My copy of “Fantasy Football for Dummies” must’ve arrived sooner than anticipated. :wink:

Otherwise, I do really like the other choices you made for your roster. Again, this was the first time I’ve EVER done a salary cap draft in the 15 years I’ve been partaking in Fantasy Football. I enjoyed it.

Interesting concept to add leftover draft FAB to season FAB after completing the draft. The league I joined last minute didn’t do that.