Your 2022 Season to 2023 in Song

This has been a very fun thread over the years but no idea how many music lovers we have here. For me:YouTube song changes by David Bowie - Google Search will start this off.

1 Like't+Seen+Nothing+Yet+Bachman-Turner+Overdrive&gs_ivs=1#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:081f3a43,vid:Bwi-lIXMP5U

This one says it much better.

For my team, only one song will do: Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon

Again, just a bit of what you’ve been smokin. Please, sounds like Hawaii and that is soooo special. :slight_smile:

Only the best for my boys!

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As usual, Axe Elf teams were best described by this little number by Quee… er… Foxy Shazam.