Who's Number One?

Hey South Beachers! Who’s number one? You know it’s me!

Special thanks to @ZakHH for making this moment possible!

Only the Dummies stand between me and total fantasy football domination! Get your popcorn ready kids, cause this weekend’s gonna be some real football!

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Okay, someone will have to explain to Ed that the league champion isn’t the team in the #1 spot after week 13.

I’ll volunteer. But not right now. That has time until week 15 or 16. :smiling_imp:

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Trying to explain would be exercise futility. If someone has not had any success before, any part time claim to fame is worth a shot. :slight_smile:

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I just realized that I still have a shot at a week 15 BYE. I don’t know how the league is breaking ties, but no matter if it’s total points scored or head-to-head result, if Ed beats Kevin in week 14 and I win my matchup, I should be the #2 seed.

Now, do I want to root for Ed, or just play my week 15 matchup?
Okay, that’s an easy decision… :smiling_imp:

Yeah, I posted that yesterday. Tie breaker is points which you win.


Being #1 is a good thing along with a top match up. However, you’re not playing for anything with the bye already secured as it will be with Kevin if he wins.

If he loses, Zak could take the bye on points with a win and another loss by Kevin to you. Zak would need your help and be counting on you.

For me, a fate worse than death. JK/LOL

Repeat after me: “Goooooo Rednex!”


Ok, maybe I need to get rid of the cheerleaders?

Goooooo awaaaaaaay Rednex!

How did I do? :star_struck:

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You overdid it. Do it just the way I said!. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay, let me try again:

Boooooooo Rednex!

Better? :innocent:

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You typo’d there. Try it again?

Screw that, I’ll just beat you in week 17. No matter if it takes me 1 or 2 playoff matches to get there. :smiling_imp:

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Ya know, others may well chime in on this "supposed private battle. "

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Your point being? It’s not my fault @ZakHH won’t come over to the dark side like he should!


Stevie Wonder could see the point of you two forgetting there are others in this playoff.

Consider this my joining this party. So Be It.

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It doesn’t have anything to do with what we’re discussing, but I love me some AC/DC!

Somebody else is involved? Who? No worries. I’ll dispatch them with urgency.

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Oh I hope I can sneak in and and really piss people off. I have a secret weapon that should be delivered tomorrow morning


I hope you aren’t counting on Baker Mayfield? :laughing:

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It doesn’t have anything to do with what we’re discussing, but I love me some AC/DC!

It is the theme song for my South Beach THUNDER in announcing we are coming to the party. :slight_smile:

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