WR2 RB2 and Flex Debacle

I need a WR2, a RB2, and a flex. Non PPR (standard scoring)

RB Options- Henderson Jr or Ronald Jones Jr

WR Options- A. Cooper, Higgins, Antonio Brown

Flex- All the above

All these guys have massive upside but they also have major questions:
Henderson vs a good bears D
Ronald Jones in a RBC?
A. Cooper vs a good Bucs D
Higgins in a WRBC?
AB in a WRBC?

What are y’all thinking?

Henderson, he is the starting RB for the rams. He is going to get you some yardage. I see Leo taking a lot more load then RJ.

Cooper. He is a WR1 on the team and Dak is back. If he is going to be throwing a lot like he did last year then huge upside since DBs will have to worry about Zeke and RPO’s with a good we core.

Flex: AB has been a steal for the ADP he has Been going for. He is on one of the hottest offenses and will put up WR3 numbers. Only thing is it seems like a rotation of who’s day it is to shine.

Higgins has some competition including Burrows former teammate. Doesn’t mean he might pop off.

Edit I thought it said higbee my bad

Henderson, Cooper and Higgins.

Why Higgins over AB? I only say that out of curiosity since I don’t know much about Higgins other then depth. AB put up decent stats last year and is going up against the cowboys below avg secondary which im assuming will focus Evans and Godwin.

Because Higgins is probly the top receiving option on his team, while AB is at least 3rd.

Plus the crazy is starting to come out of AB again…

Antonio Brown Sued for Not Paying His Agent


Ever since that Balloon ride it seems like it was down hill from there…

I expect Higgins to dominate the Cincy pass offense at the start of the season, at least until Chase gets his WR legs back from his year off.

With Brown, the other problem he has is the Bucs could totally overwhelm the poor Dallas defense, and then they end up running the ball a lot. That’s the downside for Brown this week.

Henderson and Cooper are the obvious choices for RB2 and WR2.