WR1 for your ppr team

Who is the last Wr you’d be comfortable as your wr 1 on your team in PPR. Assuming you went rb rb

Is this a 12 team league? I am looking at either Robert Woods, Ceedee Lamb or Michael Thomas, depending on how your opponents draft. Then again, you could see D.K. Metcalf, Justin Jefferson or Terry McLaurin drop to your 3rd round. Obviously, if you see those last 3, you should jump on them.

And if you have 2 solid RB’s, then I’d be happy with any of those as my WR1.

I would be very comfortable with CeeDee Lamb, Amari Cooper, or Mike Evans as a WR1 if I can secure two top RBs with my first two picks. I have all three of them just outside of my top-30 players, which is why I think they should be available even in the back half of the third round. Depending on how the draft falls, Chris Godwin is also a solid option, though if you’re picking near the turn, I would much rather go RB in the 1st, RB in the 2nd, Lamb/Cooper/Evans in the 3rd, Godwin in the 4th.

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