Why is the "who should I start?" advice different

from the start/sit advice? Who should I start has Julio starting over JaMarr 95-5%, but the Start/sit has JaMarr starting over Julio 91-11%. I just noticed that is 102%, what’s that about?

There was a whole thread about this over the past couple of weeks, and as far as I know, no one ever got an answer.

I know personally support was not ever able to provide me with a good answer. I tried it with all the rankers, and then even tried narrowing it down to 10, and no matter what I did, the start/sit never matched up to the who should I start.

Having worked in IT before, I can tell you this is a glitch in the calculating algorithm. If I had to guess, something is being calculated twice (possibly more than twice). Somebody just needs to look down the program and find where an extra calculation is being performed.

As for why two different parts of the same software are giving you completely opposite results, that is easy: One is simply looking at “all experts”, while the other is looking at performance guesses by experts and averaging them. This can lead to vastly different results if the experts favoring a player also guess at their fantasy points at a hugely different amount than the rest of the experts. In other words, it is one thing to say I favor X player, but another thing to say I favor X player by 30 points more than everyone else.

I have run into this as well. I find the advice in the “Who Should I Start Tool” is more consistent with my thinking than the advice from the “Start Sit Assistant” so I now ignore the “Start Sit Assistant”. If they were close I could understand but the advice is widely different which I don’t understand at all.