Who to pick for my first pick?

In a 10 team half PPR keeper league. I have the 6th pick and from asking around in the 1st round(4th round after 3 keepers) it looks like I’ll have to choose between
Who do I pick in that situation?

Normally I might axe who your keepers are, but given the lack of any serious comparison to Lamb here, I’ll just say him, even if your three keepers are Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams, and Stefon Diggs.

I forgot to put that in sorry. Keepers are Aaron Jones. Aj brown. Jonathan Taylor

Well, ram a Lamb a ding dong, then.

Kittle would be my choice. A top 3 TE is tough to walk away from considering the dropoff after him.

Kittle averaged 12.6 ppg in half-PPR scoring last season. C.J. Uzomah averaged 9.4, and he’s available in the last round. Lamb can make up those three points all by himself.

And of course we’ve already discussed the general disadvantage of drafting a TE early.

C.J. Uzomah is projected by Fantasy Pros to have 4.3 ppg this year in half PPR. Kittle is still projected over 12. Where are you making up those 8 points again? If you have Lamb, I hope the other guy’s wideout isn’t Davante Adams, or you’re eating dust.

Well who are you going to listen to, Fantasy Pros, or Axe Elf?


In axual reality, Uzomah averaged 9.4 half-PPR points per game last year (en route to catching Joe Burrow’s first NFL TD pass), and Kittle averaged 12.6, as I pointed out before. So there’s 5 of the 8 points I need to make up.

I think I’d listen to Fantasy Pros first. They aren’t recommending Daniel Jones.