Who to keep in PPR

Bench spots are very slim in this 10 team league. Keep Adrian Peterson, Zack moss or Damien Harris on my team… PPR
We start 2 RB and I have Cordarrell Patterson, David Montgomery and Jonathan Taylor (still has a bye week 14)

Patterson has a strained ankle, there is a risk he may miss time if the injury aggravates. Of course, you still keep him and start him as long as he’s not ruled out, but it’s still worth keeping in mind.

Moss is droppable, if you ask me. I don’t think the Bills’ RB situation will improve this season, so I don’t think we will ever come to a point where we could consider either of their RBs startable.

Harris may get usurped by Stevenson - or may not, in which case you’d regret having dropped him.

Peterson… as of right now, he’s not startable. Personally, I don’t think he ever will be this season. I mean, what are the chances the Titans will use him in a workhorse role? I won’t blame you if you want to hang on to him, hoping for some big performances down the road. I just don’t think they will come.

If it were me I’d hold on to Harris out of the three. Even a diminished roll splitting with Stevenson will likely produce more than Peterson or Moss.

I’ve been starting Patterson normally as a wide out, so I have to hold on to Harris also…

I know Peterson won’t be workhorse, but he is a strong runner still and probably will be used strictly for goal-line and possibly third down role. Titans have the personnel to run the ball.

Bills have good matchups near the end in comparison to the rest of RB (Taylor has a week 14 bye). Why I though Moss would be a good hold, plus he is receiving back too:

Would the consensus be to drop Peterson then Moss?