Who should I start?!?!

Championship weekend!!

Joe borrow or Justin Fields

At flex I have a few different options

Donta Foreman, Allen Lazard, Hassan Haskins (Henry’s replacement) or Zach Moss

Burrow and Foreman are my choices.

Fields has the far better matchup. But he doesn’t appear to be at 100%. So:
Fields, if you are looking for the higher upside.
Burrow, if you prefer the safer floor.

On Flex:
Lazard offers the highest upside, especially if Watson will be out.
Foreman is a risky gamble. He shines in one week, only to disappear entirely in the next.
Moss is a good option if you prefer a solid floor. His upside is limited, though.
Haskins already played, and I hope you didn’t start him.

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