Who should be my RB2/FLEX?

Jacobs is my RB1, who should be my RB2 and FLEX? I have James Conner, James Cook, and Breece Hall

I like James Cook. Conner and Breece are fine but Cook has the matchup and talent I think.

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Thank you - Conner RB2 and Cook FLEX?

I missed that you were asking for two slots, sorry!

Yeah, hard to trust Breece against Dallas, although you never know. Conner should have a solid game though

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Thank you, I appreciate it!

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I think I’d have to go with one of last year’s top 5 RBs when healthy (Conner) and the guy who put up 103 yards on 2 carries Monday night (Hall).

The token RB on a passing team can sit.