Who is the drop?

K toney or R Moore in a 12 team 1/2 PPR

Toney is a stud but injuries, opportunities and coach are all problems. I don’t want to let him go for him to burn me a couple weeks later.

The one period of games I need Moore is now and he’s injured.

Who would u drop. 5 man bench

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To me, the more important question is: Who are you getting? The improvement of your team is the purpose. If you drop Toney or Moore, and get garbage, who cares?

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Dortch or rb maybe, no one exciting so I think you answered my question. Plus I wouldn’t play them

I would prefer Dortch over Toney. Dortch could even be a FLEX option this week.

The question is what will happen to Dortch once Rondale returns. Looks like it will take another 2-3 weeks. If your league offers an IR spot, you can stash him there. If not, drop him for Dortch. Even if he does get scooped up, I doubt you will miss him a lot this season. He will have only 2-3 games before D-Hop returns, and I don’t see him as more than the #4 target for the Cards then.