Who Do I Start as Hill is back up now

Well T Hill is backup now and not a starter
So of these crazy options who is the best best guys

J Love
T Taylor
J Garoppolo

Plz suggest who should I start

Also which def is better play this week

Miami vs Houston
KC vs Packs
Panthers vs Pats
Bengals vs Browns

Thanks all and good luck u all this Sunday

We know what the upside on Taylor and Garoppolo is, and it’s not all that exciting, especially with their low floors.

But Jordan Love is a wildcard. We don’t know how good or bad he’ll be. I’d take a gamble on him and see. Worst case is he sucks but one of the other two has a mediocre but ok game. I don’t see Taylor or Garoppolo winning a league for you.

Which leads into the next question: KC’s defense has been horrible lately, which makes Love an even better play. So forget about KC.

Miami has an attractive matchup against Houston, but they’ve been pretty bad this season, only averaging 3.38 points per game this year.

On the other hand, Cincy has been playing close to their 6 ppg average, so it gives you a safer floor, whereas Carolina is better capable of an upside, double-digit game, although you’re risking a dud game with them.

I would lean towards Cincy, mainly because their game is against division rival Cleveland. I’d expect a low-scoring slugfest there.

Taylor gives you a solid floor, and could be a solution beyond this week, in case you need that. But if you need upside, start Love.

As for D/ST, I can only keep reiterating: it’s (almost) all about the opponent.

MIA has been poor so far this season. But they performed almost exactly as expected so far, based on the opponents they played. And they have the 4th best matchup this week. The only reason why I won’t fully recommend them is because of the QB change in Houston. Taylor will probably turn the ball over a little less, so the matchup indicator may be a bit too optimistic here.

Cinci has the #21 matchup and hasn’t been overperforming. KC has the #27 matchup, but again, against an opponent with a different QB, that could in this case lead to more INTs. Still, I wouldn’t start them.

The Panthers have the #8 matchup in my list, and have been performing as expected so far. They could be the safe choice here.

Another good option (if available) are the Packers. They have been overperforming in comparison to their schedule, and now have the 6th best opponent this week. I’m starting them in one of my leagues.

At least, there are no traps this week (i.e. teams that may look tempting because of a good matchup, but have been underperforming so far).