Which Players Will Jump Up in 2023?

There are many young players who showed potential and many others who were injured this year. Who do you feel will step it up in 2023?

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I really like Jameson Williams and London to shine in 2023. They were the top two ranked WRs before last year’s draft before the Jameson injury. They are both special.

I am hopeful that Swift will come back to his talent. He can be top 10 RB IF he is on the field. Akers would be another choice for me as well as Herbert.

Eli Moore is someone to watch. He was the Jets best and is the forgotten man. He has a ton of talent.

Jameson Williams looks like a breakout candidate. For London, as well as almost all other rookie WRs of the 2022 class, the key question is who will be their QB next year.

That’s also why it’s way too early to tell for most players. Many teams will look vastly different in 5 months, making most projections from today obsolete.

Imagine the Lions will draft Bijan, for example. And rumor has it they are interested in him, as Swift is talented, but too soft for the NFL.

Yes but it is fun to speculate and be right now…

Swift looked anything but soft going off for 25 and Akers had 120 continuing to look impressive.

Ravens TE Isaiah Likely could progress in 2023. He showed some flashes this year, which is promising for any rookie TE. If the Ravens move on from Lamar Jackson and get a real QB who can throw the ball, Likely could move into a solid WR2 role for them, as their offense seems to scheme better for TE’s.

But he did nothing the week before. And little in weeks 8-15 (with the exception of week 13), when he was never fully healthy. And he missed weeks 4-7.

One good game doesn’t make him a stud.

Not at all but was good to see his talent when healthy and given the damn ball.
It is not far fetched to think he will healthy in 2023.