What is up with Gary Sanchez?!?

Hello all, I know people will want to scold me for drafting Sanchez, but he was signed as the backup catcher and at least the DH against lefties. I know all about his deficiencies, but he helped me more than hurt me last season after picking him up to fill a hole in my lineup behind the plate in an NL only league. I can’t find a single thing written about him since the season started and I’m just wanting to know why he is so completely buried? At this point I don’t know why they released Eric Haase who is much better defensively AND was hitting in the spring. They might as well have dumped Sanchez and ate the money if they’re giving him all of 12 AB’s (0-12) so far this season. It’s really starting to tick me off! I was deceived by the suggested role he’d play, and I just don’t get it. Can anyone offer good sense about why he’s on the Brewer roster now, and why he’s not even getting a chance to play or produce?