Week 17 Flex and K Recommendations

Need one in Flex position Half PPR: N. Chubb, T. Allgeier, or B. Robinson

K: G. Gano, M. Badgley, or R. Gould???

Chubb hasn’t found the end zone and/or racked up 100+ rushing yards since week 12. The Commanders D is pretty stout against the run, so I don’t think that will change today. He still provides a safe floor, though.

On the other side of the field, Brian Robinson could have a fantastic day. With both Gibson and McKissic out, he should have a bellcow role against a Browns D that struggled heavily against the run so far.

And Tyler Allgeier also looks like a good option. He’s coming off a solid 3-game streak and now faces the remains of the Arizona Cardinals. The Cards were bad against the run in better weeks already.

Personally, I trust Robinson more than Allgeier, but I would start both of them over Chubb this week.

Of your K options, Gould is easily my favorite.

Good luck!

Robinson and Gano would be my choices.

I’m not sure about Gano. The Colts allow their opponents to score a lot of TDs. But that’s worth only 1 point each for kickers.

In terms of field goal opportunities allowed, the Colts rank #21. The Raiders (Gould’s opponent) rank #7

True but that is against O’s mostly much better than the Giants.