Week 16 Flex full ppr Chandler/Foreman/Lockett?

Pick one for Flex full ppr:

Ty Chandler vs Det

D’Onta Foreman vs Ari

Lockett @Tenn

You never give good choices. Chandler for least worst.

Well, its gonna be a rough week…I have Chase, K Allen and Nico…do not see anyone playing this week…bad timing really for injuries.

I have Puka and Higgins for WR…just need a flex play…yeah not the best choices but thanks anyways.

Ty Chandler is the pick

Last week I had Herbert IR, Hill O, Olave O, Bijan -0.9, Ekeler 5, Kelce 5, Chase, etc. I scored 65 and got my ass kicked in a playoff game.
This has never even remotely happened to me before over many years. Yeah, I know of the bad timing for injuries. lol

Chandler won a playoff game for me in another league last week but has a bad match up vs Lions Run D.

I sent you a message.