Vikings Jefferson

Early, is it time to sit Jefferson. If so do I trade

No, and no.

Jefferson is the young, talented WR1 of a good passing offense. Yes, in week 2, he got shut down by what looks to be the strongest passing defense in the NFL right now. And last week, he drew a lot of defensive attention and opened the door for the other Vikings receivers. Which gave the opponent an L.

Kupp had similar showings in week 4 and 5 in 2021. Imagine you had panicked and traded him after that.

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Good Morning. I was just proposed a trade James Robinson for Kyler Murray. Iā€™m going to counter and ask for Kyler Murray and a running back (Mixon). Would that be a good trade

It would be a very good trade for you. But why would your opponent agree to add Kyler Murray on top of a swap of 2 roughly equal RBs?

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