Ugh. 0-3 NFL.Com Championships

Made the championship game in three out of six public leagues. You’d think I’d come away with at least ONE championship right? Not this year.

Thanks to Ronald Jones injury and Antonio Brown losing his mind. I started them over Lockett, Penny and Darrel Williams.

Brady Bunch 138.60 - 164.54

Thanks to D. Cook and J. Waddle. I started them over A. Jones, D. Williams and H. Renfrow

Murray Marauders 138.92 - 146.56

Another Championship team sabotaged by Cook and A. Brown. I started them over Kirk, Penny and Williams. My opponent has N. Harris, N. Chubb and Brown’s D needing only 11.07 to overtake me, so yeah I’m toast.

Get Some 123.36 -

But that’s the game we play. We can’t account for everything.

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